I offer wood turning classes, architectural turning, production work,  replications for antique furniture, commissions and demonstrations for wood-turning and wood-working guilds.

Should you wish to contact me directly I can be reached by email at

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  1. Glenn Thomas says:

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your site. I’ve been turning now for about 4 years and have had an interest in dying some of my work. Fortunately I found you site and learned a few new things. The funny thing is I found your site from a Google search but my search didn’t have anything to do with dying wood turnings. I did a search for firefighter woodturners just to see if anything would come up. I have been with Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department here in Florida for about 10 years. I hope to be producing gallery quality work at least by the time I retire.

    Again I really like your site and look forward to trying some of the things you mentioned with the dyes and lime wax.


    • admin says:

      Hi Glenn,
      Glad you found the site interesting and informative. Try also Joe Landon’s post on Lumberjocks Are you a member of WoW (Woodturners on the Web)? Great site for ideas and information. I will invite you on if you like but I need your email address. Are you a member of the AAW? Use my contact email on the site if you want to send info.

      I have been turning since I was a little kid in the ’50’s, semi-seriously since ’88 and deadly-serious for the last 4 years. I was a firefighter for 36 years in Surrey, BC, Canada. Last rank was Battalion Chief. Keep the woodturning goal in your sights. One of my goals when I retired was to get my work into a gallery and I made it pretty quickly. Once in a gallery my work rocketed forward. Two hints: never worry about how long something is taking and “good enough” isn’t.

      Stay safe.


  2. rocco says:

    Hows the kiln working out for you,if you would like i can come by to check things out,,
    just got back from the island got some crazy stock,burl that is 3 feet round,12 inches thick,quilted slabs and a few hundred hard curl blanks,i could use a few items for presents if anyone want to make a trade i will make them wood drunk…


  3. Dale Holtz says:

    Hi Ed I remember you telling me about some product to use yo transfer images like the note on your work piece I can’t remember what you said or were to get it hows the furnace working and thanks for the help on the balls .good chance i’ll see you tomorrow at the guild if I don’t forget

  4. Hi Ed,
    my name is Janine and i am interested in learning your craft. Home is the Kootenays and i am wondering if you know anyone that would be closer to me that will teach? Maybe a member of the guild? If not could you tell me how much the two day course is with you? Thank you in advance for your time. Best regards,

  5. Jake says:

    Hey good morning! Very interested in taking your class with my girlfriend, but I’d like to know all the details first. Looking through the tab about your classes, I saw how long the classes would last, but not when they are scheduled or how much it would cost for the first two days or the discounted third.

    How much do you charge and when do you operate?

    Much thanks!

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