I knew this hollowform was in there somewhere. ūüôā

My name is Ed Pretty and among other things, I am a wood turner. I¬†regard myself simply as a “maker”, however my work is of an artisitic nature, so if that makes me an artist then so be it. On this blog you will find¬†a gallery of my work, posts about wood-turning¬†tools¬†and techniques and hopefully insightful comments on both from¬†anyone visiting¬†the site.

My work is presently available in two galleries;  The Circle Craft Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC, and The Pencil Studio in Fort Langley, BC. Besides that, I  wanted to have one place that showcased all of my work, past and present, so decided to set up a blog for that purpose. The original idea has morphed into something much more than that and I am enjoying sharing my ideas on the web.

I believe that one’s art is an evolutionary process. I can trace mine back to simple projects done for fun as a kid. Later, as an adult,¬†my work was functional – made to suit a need or purpose, usually architectural. I don’t know what drew me to the medium as a way of expressing myself, but one day it occurred to me that that was my motivation. Somehow colour came into the picture and the use of colour has now become my trademark along with form and surface texture.

The learning process along the way has been, at times, a steep climb. In the beginning I drew on my general knowledge and experience Рsharpening, wood properties, general woodworking and machine tool theory Рto help me understand woodturning techniques. Most recently I have been fortunate to learn directly from some of the best turners in the world.

Because it has been a long, uncertain process to get where I am, I am very sensative to the needs of new turners as well as experienced turners venturing into new territory. I am myself always learning new techniques. In my profession as a firefighter I became an experienced trainer, enjoying the process of helping others learn, keeping themselves and others safe. It is my hope that now I will be able to help others learn the skills they need to enjoy woodturning to their best ability. Surprisingly, that ability is often greater than they themselves believe. The great satisfaction in training is having the opportunity to bring that out.

To that end, I hope that everyone is able to gain as much as possible from my posts and the comments posted by others. Should anyone who is not a woodturner review the posts and gain a greater appreciation of how we do what we do, I would be most pleased.

It is my hope that anyone viewing my gallery will¬†find enjoyment from my work. Also, as I find inspiration from viewing other woodturners’ work, I hope that other turners find inspiration in my work as well.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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  2. Tom Coghill says:


    I found your blog while researching the techniques that Douglas Fisher uses to do his offset turnings.

    I am not yet retired, so my turning time is restricted to evenings and weekends, however I have been involved with turning for nearly 2 years now. I have no formal education, that time went to my degree in Engineering. I do believe that I understand the techniques of the tools and that is not my concern. I am particularly interested in working on my pieces after they are turned.

    My current interests are in carving, pattering, and coloring.

    I live in Alaska and therefore materials (ink, dye, and bleaching chemicals) are difficult to obtain due to shipping restrictions. Therefore I am probably more inclined to go down the carving path which brings me back to Fisher. I am a 3rd generation Alaskan and have always been interested in the Haida art. I was exploring that language when I again stumbled upon Fishers work on line. While I have many books on the SE Alaskan and Canadian first nation art, I have yet to master it.

    I find your blog very interesting. It will take me a number of weeks to review all the info here, and I thank you for putting all this great information on the web for others (like me) to learn from.

    Tom in Alaska

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  4. Scott Lyons says:

    Ed do you still do 2 or 3 day private training courses?

  5. Fred Scallion says:

    Hello Ed
    My name is Fred Scallion, and I am enjoying visiting your site. I think that you are doing a wonderful service to the turning community. I am a member, and president of the West Island Woodturners. We have a membership of about 55. We are in the West Island of Montreal,Que. I have been looking at your articles on dye stain, and have just ordered some from Wood Essence. Thank you for your insights.

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