I’m pretty stoked about this one.

After. Now that's better.

I am a member of a website called World of Woodturners (WOW) where members post pictures of their work as well as comment on pieces, ask questions and offer suggestions. The membership reaches around the world and counts many well-known names familiar to many of us. Today I posted the picture of the winged bowl in my post earlier about gilding. Each day one of a few appointed people select their choice of a photo for the “cover”, which is the lead picture on the front page of the blog. Pascal Oudet selected the picture of the winged bowl today and I received several very supportive comments about the finish. Much credit to Eric Lofstrom who provided the actual turning.

Membership on the blog is by invitation. If anyone is interested in being a member, please advise me by email. I will require your name and email address to send an invitation.

As always, I encourage your comments and questions, so please refer to the tag line at the bottom of the article to post a comment.

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  1. Gary Baker says:

    Just left my info (below) would be interested in the wow website. Just found you … and excited with what you are doing.
    Gary Baker

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