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Just got home from a motorcycle tour of western Canada. Lots of email to catch up on and one caught my attention right away. A gal named Patti stopped by our booth at the Mind and Matter Art Festival just before we left on our trip and praised my work very highly. She is an interior designer and uses a lot of art to decorate her homes. She posted a comment on her own blog and matter/. Thanks, Patti

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About Ed Pretty

I am a professional woodturner, specializing in gallery work, commercial work, teaching and demonstrating. I have been turning since 1958, so... a long time. I use this site to present my work to the public at large and to let people know that I am available for teaching private lessons in woodturning. Wood turning is one of my passions (the other is motorcycle touring). It is my desire to pass on everything that I have learned over the years to others so that the craft of woodturning will grow.
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4 Responses to Nice note on another blog

  1. Patti says:

    Wow Ed thank you, I just took a look at your gallery page and your work is absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to go down to Granville Island and see your stuff at Circle Craft, also happy to see an online presence!

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Patti.
      Just getting the hang of this. I was juried in to Circle Craft just after the festival. Glad to be back there after the closure of the Wood Coop. It’s an exciting place to be and the source of much inspiration and motivation.

  2. Peter McLaren says:

    GREAT website, glad to finally see the breadth of your imagination – it just keeps getting better …

  3. admin says:

    Thanks, Peter. The website itself is a lot of fun. Hope it doesn’t keep me away form the lathe! Many thanks to our nephew, Brent, for setting me up.

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